Bring the Blind Home

The duck hunting season takes place during the late fall/early winter months.   It is often cold, windy, and very gloomy.  A hunter is likely to get caught in rain, snow, or hail.  They often have to walk through lots of mud, ice, or freezing cold water up to their waist to get to their hunting spot.  It’s a lot like……paradise.

No matter what the conditions, duck hunters look forward to spending every possible moment hunting during the short 60 day season.  But when they are not hunting because of other commitments or during the off-season, they are still thinking about being in the blind.  Being left behind by your hunting buddies will be a little easier to take when you can bring the blind home.

Green Duck Hunter is excited to bring our readers these home products that were created with the duck blind in mind.  Photo products and much more, with the inspiration of each product coming while duck hunting.

Click on the photos below to explore our products that we offer.  We are always working on new products.  Check back later to see what we have added.

ducks-dogs-decoys-yellow lab



Black Lab-Duck-Dog