Green Duck Hunter Story

Hi!  My name is Michael.  I, along with my wife, two girls and 3 dogs, live in Orlando, Florida.  This is my story about how I went from a small town boy, to a city-living adult, to later rediscovering the great outdoors through hunting.

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, where as a child I would spend most of my time outside playing.  No matter if it was a hot summer day, or during a cold winter snowstorm, I was always outside.  I didn’t care much for video games or watching TV.  I didn’t want to spend my time after school indoors.  I always wanted to be outside, usually playing sports or other outdoor activities.

In my early twenties, I moved down south to Florida.  First I lived in Jacksonville where I served in the US Navy for four years.  Then I moved to Orlando after I finished my time in the Navy, chasing the civilian corporate life.  I finished my college degree and got a great job at a great corporation.

When I moved to Orlando, I moved back in with my parents who also moved down from New York.  After moving in, I immediately fell in love with the girl next door.  She happened to be moving back in with her parents, who live next door to mine, the same time I was.

After about a year of dating, we got married.  My wife and I now have two girls and three dogs.  I have a dream job, with a wonderful family.  Everything I had hoped for.

But now as an adult living in a big city, I found that I don’t spend much time outdoors at all.  I just don’t have time between going to school (I completed my MBA last year), working, and raising a family.  Maybe it’s the Florida heat, but I didn’t even have the desire to be outdoors.  I have lived in Florida for more than 15 years and have spent most of it indoors.  But that changed after I went on my first duck hunting trip.

A few seasons ago, I went on a trip with my wifes family to a small town in west Tennessee.  It was then when I went on my first duck hunting excursion.  I had spent so much time indoors, it was like I was brand new to outdoor life.  I didn’t even have boots to wear in the mud.  I scrounged up enough gear to get out into the duck blind the first time.

Everything about the trip was exciting.  Getting up at 4am to go out in the freezing weather, getting geared up with camo from head to toe, then riding the ATV out to the blind.  A friend of ours cooked us a delicious sausage biscuits right there in the blind as we waited for legal shooting time.  Then, with our shotguns loaded, there was the anticipation of waiting for that first wave of ducks to come by.  Getting up at 4am never sounded fun before, but it is no longer a problem during duck season.  I never knew what I was missing, but now I am hooked on duck hunting.

Mostly I realized that I miss being outdoors.  It has been a long time since I spent some time in the woods.  I still live in the big city, but I look forward too many trips throughout the year to fish, hunt duck and deer or just be part of small town life.  But mostly duck hunting.

Now I find myself thinking about Duck Hunting most of the time.  As soon as last season ended I started wishing next season was here already.  There is something about the sport that has got me hooked.  It might be the excitement of getting geared up and climbing into the blind, hoping to see some ducks.  Or the never-ending pursuit of getting ducks into your spreads through calling and strategic decoying.  For me it might just be the enjoyment of being out in nature.

But, as I mention, I am new to the sport.  When I go hunting, I’m pretty much at the mercy of others to get me on some ducks.  I want to learn all I can about decoy spreads, the best way to call, shotgunning, plus anything and everything about the sport of Duck Hunting.  I want to be a self-sufficient Duck Hunter who can put other people on the ducks.  Through this desire to become a great hunter and my almost psychotic obsession with learning the sport, I am constantly reading and watching duck hunting.

Through this blog I will share everything that I learn along the way.  It will be a platform to collect, share, and exchange information that will make us all better Duck Hunters.  If you are new to Duck Hunting, this will be a great place to gain knowledge.  If you are an experienced Duck Hunter, it will be a great place to share that knowledge.  COMMENTS ARE ENABLED.  Either way, this will be a great place to read and talk about ducks.

Thanks for visiting.  Now let’s talk Ducks!!

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