Dog with Duck Calls

The 5 Best Instructional Duck Calling Videos Online

I was on my computer the other day watching the best duck calling videos on youtube.  I like to watch a video, then practice the call myself to get better at calling.  I just finished blowing a Hail Call when one of my daughters came running into the room.

“DADDY!  WE ARE TRYING TO WATCH TV! Blow that again and I’ll take it away from you.”  She learned that line from her mother.

Apparently, the fact that duck season is only a few months away means nothing to them.  They don’t think I should be practicing during their favorite TV shows.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t blow a Hail Call in the house.  I’ll just stick to feed chuckles and greeting calls when they are home.

Let’s talk Ducks

Duck calls aren’t just for looking great. You need to know how to use it.
Photo by: Pet Portraits by Elizabeth Ashlea

Calling at ducks is an important part of duck hunting.  The only way a new hunter can become a great caller is by practice.  But how does the hunter know they are learning the right way and not just picking up bad habits?

I find it useful to listen to the best callers on the internet, then try to emulate the sounds using my call.  You can search youtube and find lots of great callers giving tips and tricks for better calling.  Just search “Duck Calling” and you’ll get about 872,000 results.

With that many available videos, it would take someone a long time to pick out the best ones to watch and practice to.  I know because I have already spent countless hours watching these videos.  I’ll make it a little easier for you and share a few of my favorite duck calling instructional videos.

I chose videos that share tips on how to use a mallard hen call, since that is the most commonly used.  There are many good videos out there, so it was hard to narrow it down to just a few.  But I chose these 5 based on their detailed instruction and entertainment value.  Watching these maybe a good starting point to learn how to blow a mallard hen duck call.

My 5 Favorite Duck Calling videos

In no particular order…

How to call ducks with attitude #1 by instructor since 1972 Randy Pribyl  You can tell by the way he talks about calling that Randy is an old school duck hunter.  He is fun to watch and gives good advice on the basics of the fundamental quake.  A good place to start when picking up a duck call for the first time.

Duck Calling Tips for Beginners. Make it Hum National duck calling champ Jim King discusses how to call with the right cadence.  As an added bonus, this video has some great hunting footage as well.

Jeff Williams World Champion Duck Call Instruction Jeff Williams gives instruction on how to make different calls.  He discusses quacking, the comeback, and feeding calls.  He gives good advice on how and when to make these calls.

RNT Tips of the Trade: General Duck Calling This video was posted by Ducks Unlimited.  Jim Ronquest teaches how to string quacks together with the cadence of the mallard hen.  He give some good tips on how to practice to get that quacking sequence.

Duck Calling Tips: The Inconvenient Truth on How to Call Ducks. Duck Calling Instruction This is a fun video to watch.  It has some great duck hunting footage by Mossberg.  It also has some of the greatest advice on how to become an excellent duck caller.  The truth is that you have to call at ducks, to learn how to call at ducks.  Even if that means you flair a few ducks in the process.  That is a great lesson and tip from this video.

Practice Calling Ducks

Just watching these videos alone will not make you an excellent caller.  But they will give you some good advice on how to call.  To become a great duck caller, you will need to practice.  And practice NOW, not a week before the season starts.

Just not in the house while your family is watching TV 🙂

What is the best advice you ever received on how to use a duck call?  Any tips on how to practice before the season?  Post a link to your favorite video here.

Please leave a comment to discuss better duck calling tips.

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