Save Ducks, Shoot Ducks

My wife was talking to me that other night.  Something about the mortgage being due.  But my mind started wandering….about the wood duck box I plan on building this summer, going over the build plans one more time in my head….Then I started thinking about how cool it would be to put up a bunch of boxes around the water hole where I normally hunt…..It would be sweet to fill that area with wood ducks…..Then I started to think about harvesting a pretty wood duck drake, and how nice it would look mounted in my office…

WAIT! What was my wife saying??  “Yes dear, I’ll take the trash out.”  She gave me a disappointed look, but I think she bought it.  It’s hard to have a conversation with ducks on the mind.

Anyway, lets talk ducks.

Conservation is a crucial part of hunting.  Dedicated hunters know that in order to optimize success during the season, they must do their part to protect wildlife year round.  Many hunters, especially deer hunters, spend more time with conservation efforts than they do with actual hunting.  They spend a lot of time and effort to create a habitat that their game can thrive in.  They hope these efforts will produce ultimate action during the season.

Conserving safe habitats is crucial for the future of duck hunting

I think this concept is something non-hunters have a hard time understanding.  They think hunting is all about killing everything that moves.  While the trophy kill and dinner on the table is the ultimate reward, conserving habitats so our wild game can survive is equally important for the longevity of the sport.

One of the primary goals of conservation is restoring and maintaining habitats for wildlife.  Deer hunters do this by providing land that will provide food and a safe place for deer to live and grow.  Food plots and a safe wooded area for deer to hide are provided by deer hunters to conserve their herd.

Conservation for Ducks

Ducks need similar accommodations to survive.  But conserving habitats for ducks is trickier because they migrate hundreds of miles.  The areas that need to be conserved are far and wide.  Providing a good habitat for ducks on the land you own, like building wood duck boxes, can go a long way to conserve ducks.  But conservation efforts need to be expanded to help ducks from their breeding grounds, down to their chosen wintering areas.

A popular way hunters can help is by joining and donating to organizations that work to conserve land for ducks.  Two of the most popular organizations are Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl.  Both organizations do a lot of work to keep the population of ducks and geese strong.  If you would like to know how you can help duck populations to improve the future of duck hunting, simply join one or both of these organizations.  For about $35 you can become a member.  Both organizations usually throw in a free gift when you join as an added perk.

Whether you are new to duck hunting or have been hunting for years, joining these organizations is a great place to help conserve habitats for ducks.  More details on both of these organization to come in future blogs on

Smart hunters know the importance of conservation efforts to protect all wildlife.  Diminishing habitats is a real concern and it is up to hunters to do their part to protect the future of our sport.

Question: What actions have you taken to protect ducks or conserve their habitat?  Click the “Leave a Comment” button below and share other ways duck hunters can protect the future of duck hunting.


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