Duck Hunting

The Reason Behind “Green Duck Hunter”

Have you ever seen the commercial for the At Bat commercial?  It features a player and talks about how they are always thinking about baseball, and can do so using their app.  It goes something like this:

When Jason Kipnis isn’t playing baseball, he is reading about baseball.  When he isn’t reading about baseball, he is listening to baseball.  When he isn’t listening to baseball, he is watching baseball.  When he isn’t watching baseball, he is playing baseball.

My Duck Obsession

This is what I have become with duck hunting.  When I’m not duck hunting, I’m practicing duck hunting (blowing my call, shouldering my shotgun in the living room, spending time at the range).  When I’m not practicing duck hunting, I’m watching duck hunting (youtube, DUTV). When I’m not watching duck hunting, I’m reading about duck hunting (thank you internet).

When I’m at work, I’m thinking about ducks.  When I’m driving home from work, I’m thinking about ducks.  When I’m working around the house, I’m thinking about ducks.  When I’m watching TV, I’m thinking about ducks.  When I’m getting intimate with my wife…..well, I won’t take it that far.  But you get the point.

What kind of activity could demand this much daily mental capacity?  What if I told you could go bankrupt buying gear and still not have everything you want/need.  You have to get up at 3 in the morning, drive an hour, and spend an hour getting set up so you are ready before the sun comes up.  You can sit in the freezing cold and wait…and wait……..and wait, all for an opportunity to shoot at some ducks.  Does this sound like a good time to you?  Call me crazy, but I just got excited thinking about it.

Non-duck hunters might think this sounds crazy.  But this is what duck hunters live for.  Not only do we get excited for this punishment, but as soon as we are done for the day, we look forward to doing it again the next day.

With this obsessive behavior you might think I have been duck hunting for many years.  Not true.  Actually I have only been duck hunting for a few years.

I want to learn about Duck Hunting

But because I’m relatively new to the sport, there is still a lot I need to learn.  My goal is to become an excellent duck hunter, and not dependent on others to get me on some ducks.  I want ducks to fear me.  So I will be spending time each week reading, watching videos, testing products, etc. that will help me become a better duck hunter.  This blog will be a journal of what I learn.

You can learn Duck Hunting, too

Another reason I decided to start this blog is to help others who are new to the sport and encourage others who are thinking about getting into the sport.  Duck hunting can be kind of an intimidating activity to get involved with unless you know someone who can show you the ropes.  There are a couple reasons stopping potential hunters from getting out to the blind for the first time.

-It’s expensive.  You can spend a grand on gear before you ever get a chance to see the first bird fold over.

-It’s not easy, especially for someone new.  You need to set up decoys, blow a call, and know where to find a suitable place to set up, otherwise you’ll never see a duck.

According to a recent report by Delta WaterFowl: Looming Crisis, my speculations are correct.  According to the report, the number of duck hunters has greatly decreased over the last several years.  One of the possible reasons for the decrease is because new hunters are intimidated by the sport.  Hopefully this blog will encourage someone who is new to the sport to get active in the sport.  Once they are hooked, they’ll spend their day thinking about ducks like I do.

How did you come up with the name The Green Duck Hunter?

Green.  Probably the first color you think of when thinking about duck hunting.  There is the iridescent green head of a mallard drake, duck huntings mascot.  Also the various greens you find in your camo pattern of choice.

Green can also mean someone who inexperienced or naive about a give subject.  Since I’m new to the sport, I am a Green Duck Hunter.


The Green Duck Hunter

But no matter what level of experience you have with duck hunting, there are probably areas where you could be considered green.  Unless you limit out after every hunt and you can call in and shoot down every duck that comes within 300 yards of your blind.  But I suspect there isn’t many hunters that can say that.  We are all green at some level, and have areas where we can improve our duck hunting capabilities.  This website is dedicated to making us all better hunters.  Mostly, this blog be a fun place to just talk ducks with fellow hunters.

Let’s talk ducks!



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